£41.50 per person


Venue: Tattu, 18 Barwick Street, Birmingham, B3 2NT

Date: 25th July 2024
Time: 12pm – 3pm

Bank Restaurant & Grill

About the Venue

 Interpreting our ‘Modern Chinese’ concept into this special building allowed us to look at new avenues of design and led to the exploration of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang, the blending of contrary forces to create harmony. Yin is the dark element linked with femininity, shadows, and water. Much like all Tattu interiors, our main restaurant downstairs represents ‘Yin’, it is detailed in feminine finishes, including our salvaged cherry trees that are brought back to life by hand to create a canopy of blossom throughout the space. Our traditional wooden fretwork and carefully styled lighting casts shadows and creates the effect of waterfalls down our granite walls. Yang is the light element linked with masculinity, growth, and fire. This new design is featured in our ground floor bar and dining areas.

Bank Restaurant & Grill
Tattu Birmingham
Tattu Birmingham

Networking Lunch Club

Held on the last Thursday of every month, the Lunch Club is held at a different venues in and around Birmingham City Centre, offering a variety and injecting some excitement into the event. This networking Lunch Club includes a welcome drink and a 2 or 3-course meal. Held between 12 pm and 3pm, however, you are usually able to stay longer and continue to network beyond this time – it depends on the venue.

The Lunch Club is an informal event which we have opened up to all professionals and business owners across all industries and specialities. At this Lunch Club you will be able to meet new people, establish a business relationship, find and maybe even create your own business opportunities and potentially even find partners for future ventures either related to your business.

Food Options

A drink on arrival, plus a drink with your meal.


WILD MUSHROOM and BLACK TRUFFLE SPRING ROLLS Sweet and sour soy. (Halal, Vegetarian)


ROYAL KOI FISH GAU Black cod, yuzu and miso.


Served With Complimentary Jasmine Steamed Rice.

WOK FIRED ANGRY BIRD Chicken, roasted chilli peppers, cashews and sesame honey soy. (Halal)

SEA BASS CHINESE CURRY Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and pak choi. (Halal)

KUNG PO TOFU Pineapple, green beans and lotus. (Halal, Vegan)

Benefits of this Lunch Club for business owners

  • Free welcome drink and 2 or 3-course meal, depending on the venue.
  • Networking with other professionals and business owners, making connections with other people which could have a positive impact on your business.
  • Sharing of ideas that will enable you to problem-solve and aid in the success of your own business.
  • Sharing of knowledge, general business-related knowledge and industry-specific knowledge, that could help in improving your own company.
  • Becoming the face of your business, so that people start to recognise you and your company.
  • Connecting with other business owners is a fantastic way to increase your support network, you can offer help to other business owners and vice versa.
  • Public engagements like this can boost your confidence, helping you in future meetings and presentations.

Benefits from Lunch Club as an individual professional

  • Raise your own personal profile by connecting with other leading professionals.
  • Potentially drive your career forward, by speaking to other professionals you could find that you are rewarded with other job opportunities, and even if you aren’t, your profile will be raised making you more appealing to prospective employers.
  • Become of the industry leaders.
  • Share thoughts, ideas and knowledge with other professionals, which could help you in your role and/or in your future career.
  • Provide and benefit from the support of other professionals in the industry.
  • Boost your confidence.

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