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Want to host Your own phoenix event?

It’s really simple just choose the event you want to host and let our team take care of the rest all you have to do is the following:

  1. Have 5 complimentary tickets for the Phoenix and Elonex Team
  2. Pay up to £500 to host the event
  3. Pay for a photographer (optional) we can recommend someone to you.
  4. We can choose a venue and agree on a menu for you or you can do this, please keep within the guidelines of the prices we have on our website.

What you get in return

  1. A month of digital screen space courtesy of Elonex (one screen)
  2. Social Media Shoutout's throughout the month your event is hosted and after the event
  3. Access to the marketing database
  4. You get an opportunity to talk to a room full of businesses.
  5. Featured in our online magazine - coming soon.

Networking events near me?

Phoenix Business Club now hosts or partners with around different events across Birmingham, Warwickshire and Black Country, so there is an event to suit any location, date and time to suit you. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with all our event news.

What can you as a business owner get from these events?

As a business owner, there are lots of benefits to networking with other local business owners. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Making connections: The most obvious benefit to a networking event is the connections that you can make while you are there. As you talk to people, share your ideas and experiences and offer help to people, you establish a trust and then, if you needed help with a venture further down the line, they would be much more likely to assist.

Innovative ideas: At networking events like this, people like to share their experiences. By speaking to other business owners and understanding how they operate their business, you might come across some innovative ideas that could be applied to your business.

Increase knowledge: We’d all like to say we know everything, but we don’t. Speaking to other business owners, who work in the same area and sometimes the same industry can expand your understanding of both, helping you to make better decisions for your business.

Advance your business and career: As you network and talk to other business owners, you might find that your business provides services/goods other business owners need. Which could in turn, lead to a new customer. If you aren’t a business owner but are representing the company, then networking like this could boost your career in a similar way.

Become the face of your business: The more you network, the more people will recognise you as the face of your company, you will start to build a profile and form a reputation. You might also be more attractive to customers and/or recruiters, should you be considering working elsewhere.

These networking groups are an amazing pillar of support.

By networking and speaking to people, sometimes even groups of people, you will gain in confidence, which can only prove beneficial to you and your business


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